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It is never too late nor too early to be a part of us. Our premiums are tailored to perfectly suit your budget.
At Petrowise we will cover you against all financial disputes resulting from mistakes that happened at work and always intervene to pay on your behalf. 

Our Services Include:



When you accidentally dispense petrol instead of diesel or vice versa, and that vehicle now has to be drained, fixed and refueled. Provision of courtesy car to the vehicle owner can be arranged if there's excessive damage to the car.


Understated amounts

This is an instance when you swipe a lesser amount from a customer's card than you were actually supposed to, such as swiping R150 instead of R1 150.


Fuel theft

When a customer flees without settling their fuel bill.


Small Mistakes

Whenever after serving the customer, perhaps you didn't close the bonnet properly as a result, when the customer was driving the bonnet went on to hit the windscreen, the costs to fix that are usually deducted from the petrol attendant by management. These are just a few from an endless list. 

To us you matter, so does your health. That is why as a token of appreciation to consult with a general practitioner or dental surgeon for four times in a period of twelve months or a gynecologist for three times during the pregnancy period all inclusive of prescribe medical fees.

This benefit can be used by yourself or any other person of your choice through an application procedure that takes only a few hours to be approved.
To find out more about our Petromed division, an unlimited health insurance please speak to your agent or alternatively visit our Petromed page on this very website


KwaZulu-Natal, in Pietermaritzburg.
170 Peter Brown Drive


Landline: 033 816 4040
Mobile: 0676326355


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