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Welcome to PetroMed

We have so much respect and admiration for petrol attendants.
These people are always on the front line to ensure great service to other front liners;police and traffic officials, paramedics,doctors, educators, SANDF and many others.

Petrol attendants work in various weather conditions increasing their vulnerability to sickness.
While they earn little income it is difficult and almost impossible to afford to pay for medical expenses for themselves, their loved ones or to even join a medical aid of their choice.

As we've been working closely with petrol attendants for the past years we have extended our service by creating a Petromed division where we offer our clients affordable medical insurance that never maxes out.

With this medical insurance you/your dependants have access to transportation with a private ambulance, unlimited visits to a general practitioner, dental surgeon,optometrist, dermatologist, gynecologist, therapist/psychologist and to buy prescribed medication at pharmacies

To find out more or to apply please fill in the contact form on the contact us page, SMS "Petrowise" to 45776 or send us a whatsapp text on 0676326355


KwaZulu-Natal, in Pietermaritzburg.
170 Peter Brown Drive


Landline: 033 816 4040
Mobile: 0676326355


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